Gutter Guards Tested and Validated!

We’ve tested all guards

Minnesota Gutters and Guards has tested every guard system know to man. We recommend 3 types to protect your home or business. Ours Gutters and Guards can also be upgraded to include an ice melt system that  prevents heavy ice and snow from accumulating and leaking through your roof.

Small Hole – features specially designed steel mesh screen that blocks leaves and debris.

Pan – made from heavy duty aluminum keeps debris out and water flowing towards the downspouts.

Hood – is a closed hanging system with an access panel for water and nothing else.

Keep your gutters free of debris

Our gutter guards operate on the simple principle – stop the need for gutter cleaning by preventing debris from entering a gutter in the first place.

  •  Our 3 types of guards provide assurance you can stop yearly maintenance. 
  • Our guards are durable and made to last.
  • Minnesota Gutter and Guards are proven effective year after year.

Be a Life Changer

At Minnesota Gutters and Guards we take pride in our work and it shows. We are about Changing Life's. Gutters might not seem to be important, but we understand we have an impact on everything we do. Our goal everyday is to stand above the rest by going going the extra mile and pouring ourselves into every project and person.

Give us a try, you'll never know how good we are until you try us!

20 year warranty

Guarantee for a reason: we stand by the jobs we do. If you have trouble with your gutters at any point after we install your system, we’ll fix it for free. No questions, no hassles.

Ice Dams, No Problem

Maintenance Free
We use a thermostat system to monitor when our Ice Melt System should turn on or off. This eliminates yearly costs! Don't have a outside connection, no problem. We use certified electricians to install the connection if needed.
Not sure how to fix the problem?
Some homes are designed with areas that will collect snow. The house might look good in the summer but when winter hits there is so much ice one can see the architect did not take into account our MN winters. Contact us and we can make a recommendation.
Block Out Debris
If you have existing gutters, our guards are designed to work with any existing gutters. Stopping the gathering of debris is the first step to prevent ice dams.
Guaranteed Protection
We offer a No-Clog Service Guarantee! If you experience a clogging issue with your gutter system for any reason after we’ve installed our gutter guards, we’ll come out to your home and remedy the issue free of charge. We’ll clear the clog and make sure your gutter system is working properly in order to ensure you do not experience clogs in the future. We stand firmly behind our products and the work we do. Your satisfaction is always our first priority!